Wednesday, April 20, 2011

More Gifts…

P1030365 (2)

  1. Twenty-four hours in a day.  I complain that it’s not enough, but could you imagine having less?
  2. Buzzy things in the fruit trees
  3. Contagious smiles
  4. A whistling tea kettle
  5. A sun that comes up early enough I can gradually awaken to its rays
  6. Not a single clean spoon in the house – it means our days and our tummies are filled
  7. Hot hot showers
  8. A 4yo who prays she is thankful that her Mommy says God won’t mind at all if she sits on the white fluffy clouds for a bit on her way to heaven
  9. All the colors of the rainbow
  10. Oil in our tank to keep us warm

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